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Eye of the Hurricane

Posted: 02/01/2012 in Poetry, Writing
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Life has in no way passed me by –
I have always danced in the
Eye of the hurricane.
Caught in the pandemonium of that spiritual orbit
Nourished by the intensity
And the passion,
Doing it my way regardless of
The dictates of current methods.
Deep in the mysterious, ignites a fire
Bringing light –
I am family to blood, and I share its name
For I define my pleasures in expressions
Others see as pain.
Living life in the eye of the hurricane
Where no limits reign.
Few things pass one by one
And you learn that
To live life on the edge is to learn to fly.

© 2005 L. Tripaldi

Nothing is what it Seems

Posted: 06/26/2011 in Life

Yes, I am cruel…

Writing here in this blog, I don’t ever feel that time here is wasted even though my life has taken on many new dimensions and paths since this past March. I feel that this is like ice cream with a piece of cake. Somethings should be kept as a treat, enjoyed more, causes less stress and guilt when done only in moderation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to live your life.

My challenge for all of you is this:
Sacrifice some of your online life for the real world. Do anything other than sit in a chair staring at a screen. Start a project you have been thinking of, read a book, watch a movie, go to a show or museum. Create something real and tangible that you can hold in your hands, something that is a part of your life that you won’t lose if your computer should crash tomorrow. Anything at all that you can achieve in the time that you normally spend online and tell me about it. I think you will be amazed at all you can do. Nothing we do is wasted time, sharing with others is one of the most human things we can do, but without growth, what do we really have to contribute. Go out, do something and come back and share it with me….

 1.  I started being active on Deviant Art. I have won two contests and sold two prints and have made a great many new friends. 

2.  I have taken over 500 pictures with my new Canon camera. 

3.  I have watched about 30 movies on Netflix, too. I forgot how much I really enjoy taking a shower after a long day, lighting candles, pouring a glass of wine and losing myself to a really great movie with my wife. 

4.  I have repainted our home and did some landscaping. 

5.  I have read three books and wrote/published two new poems.

 I can’t wait to see what you can come up with!


Posted: 01/22/2011 in Thoughts, Writing
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Endarkenment is the mystery of inner reflection and renewal. This is the time we spend becoming one with our shadow. Again, we equate our shadow sides as those parts of us we keep hidden or are afraid of. Instead, I look to find those parts of my self that are essential for the development of my inner self. Learning to balance the things that have not been part of my life which could contribute to my development is part of inner reflection.

Mystery is unclear. Mystery is just that, unexplainable, obscure, ambiguous, vague, and deeply spiritual. We, as a people, are constantly trying to solve the mystery, make clear the unclear and explain every detail. Endarkenment revels in the mystery. In contemplation of the sweetness of not ever knowing, endarkenment is celebration. It is taking some things on faith. It is resting in the presence of not knowing. It is mystery. It is the time for endarkenment.

With the new year upon me, I feel the following song is so appropriate for my life. These days, I am making new changes. Changes that affect me and changes that affect how I see and treat others. I am tired of the hum-drum, dramatic, boring and ignorance that I have allowed to unravel me, but NO MORE! No more insincere! I am taking a stand to let that all go. To let the past go. There is nothing I can do about it. Those things and people will claim they do nothing or have never done anything wrong, but I challenge them to look into the mirror and just watch. You will see that you’re empty.

I did, and alas the changes. My apology goes to myself, for allowing any of that to ever come into play within my life.

I am proud of who I am and who I have becoming. Being thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it in all its glory, as I have been blessed in more ways possible. These last few weeks have been amazing. I have no other words. 

Peeling The Layer

Posted: 12/14/2010 in Life
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Regardless of the facts, thoughts make the world go around. Spin, turn; whatever your reasoning for night and day. You can’t see it, all you know is freeze and unfreeze. Your mind is shadow, brightness makes a complete circle but can’t penetrate. When you are enlightened truth becomes reality. Escape isn’t the only choice, but it’s all you think at that moment. Time stops when you sleep, it’s a giant charade. A game designed to see how long you can remember how you got to where you are. A motion in a clock doesn’t measure time, time doesn’t exist.

Consciousness is a dream. Beautiful washes of pulsating colors, a thousand frequencies interpreted as life to your mind. Controlling any aspect is a crime. Falling asleep is one way out. A flame comes unlit, the radio plays in the background and you feel a little chill. Everyone acts like children when they sleep alone.

You say the facts are all you need to live by. It would make sense if you’d believe it. The facts don’t exist. Everyone plays the game on you. Amazingly fine, an infinite jigsaw puzzle throughout your head. Light as you can get, before you die, you see it all. And then you don’t want it back, ever again. All you do is give up. And that’s the end.

But it’s not. You’re still here. Life, the illusion you thought that would fade away with time, still needs you around. A receiver for every broadcast, message sender. We all are, trying to get the highest thrill. Themes we think we are, some divine paper boy sent from a high deity to speak the truth. We don’t let on, we don’t pretend. We only do the shuffle and pretend to pretend. Your thoughts are nothing but electrical impulses, turned on by an opportunity to mate or kill, your sadistic side tells you.

Just because you feel something doesn’t make it real. The best ideas come by mistake. Someone misinterprets an expression by you and calls it brilliance. Or you yourself fail in trying to express the original vision but you create something greater as a result.

Mistakes are the only unique ideas.

Getting Back to It

Posted: 12/09/2010 in Writing
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I need to start writing again, took some break from it for a while but I can hear the laptop keys calling me… Everything’s great around here…
Even though everything’s great I am feeling a bit detached…I don’t know…

Been thinking a lot lately…been thinking a lot, nothing specific though…
just thinking.

I need to write, I need to channel some of that stuff…

I need to give form to these thoughts…maybe they aren’t thoughts at all, maybe they are pure forms and I am just listening.


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There are a myriad of things about myself
which over the years that I have gracefully accepted as flaws,
be they physical or emotional.
Being honest has never been one of them.
I am, and have always been a truth teller. I cannot be anything else,
and it is a quality that I both greatly value and am admired/hated for.
With or without the veil of comedic timing/style,
my commentary comes from the gut.
And as I have grown older, I rarely “edit” myself in conversation.
I keep it fresh and brutal that way. People can take it or leave it,
I tell it like it is, hold nothing back, and have made many enemies because of it.
I am honest and also misunderstood.
The misunderstanding stems from people’s general lack of intelligence,
or perhaps their own pre-conceived notions of who I am,
and what I am trying to say.
It is what it is…  seriously.  Take it or leave it.  I would if it were reversed.

The polarization of our thoughts,
the inner ideologies that clash with one another,
our judgments and opinions, are a road to solace.
 A way of actualizing our potential…as human animals

Leaning on Her

Posted: 12/01/2010 in Blogging, Writing
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An entire curvature, for a change!
So many others are broken up into arcs
By the cunning construction

And also the panting
Of this face-down, prone body

Which is a world unto itself and therefore surely worthy,

when pausing from
        passionate activity
Of our closer examination,

lingering attention and leisurely ocular study
The particular curvature along which our eyes adventure
Begins with the slight indentation
At the nape of her neck, roams down below her collarbone
And between shoulder blades and rear of ribcage,

Arching down further then to the hollow of her waistline

–offering to travelers aboard this
        highly educational visual roller-coaster

A chance to pause amidst observations there,

and take a little breather.


–there it goes again, that same spine
Arching outwards and upwards this time,
only to form a deep dividing-line
On either side of which lie twin globes,

each of which when properly seen,

        presents yet another fascinating world unto itself
For study, observation and perhaps eventual exploration
As does the shadowy division lying between

–as the case may be…

So, let our eyes rest for a while, even if only temporarily,

      on that little stable plateau in the hollow
At the back of this woman’s waist
Before going on….



Posted: 11/28/2010 in Blogging
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I touch life in a fleeting moment between vision and calignosity and even in the darkness I see the shadows of my life.


I venture only to find that dreamers are few and far in between the dream and the vision.

“When you make it your mission in life to make someone miserable, all that is doing is showing the world what a sad,  lonely and unhappy person you really are.” – Unknown


Posted: 11/17/2010 in Life
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Obviously, I have hinted at the direction my thought process is taking but have not blatantly spelled it out as I am about to do. First and foremost, I am taking a look at current, soon to be antiquated notions of success and asking myself what is truly important in this holographic expansion known as the game of life.
Clearly I am creating a polemic against mindless greed and gross over consumption. In addition, I am condemning the destruction of our ecosystem for personal power. The inquisitor emphasis within this culture has become a cancer which has eaten away at true objective and rational conjecture over what is proper for this planet and the human race. I am also stating that a real revolution against forces of gluttonous excess and greed cannot occur if the society and particularly the youth or future of this society are lethargic and complacent about activity and the maintenance of their very bodies. A revolution cannot occur if it is merely based on mindless overthrow without a new paradigm shifting the direction of our values. If we do not learn to use the body/mind technologies at our disposal, we cannot truly understand the relationship of our perceptual energy to the alchemy of phenomenal transformation. There can be no model of the universe which conveys an accurate picture of the way things really work without the inclusion of this body/mined complex into it. Whether or not an individual is financially damaged or opulent in no way determines that individuals worth relative to self-hood and the universe.

Money is meaningless if obesity is a possession. Falling prey to social madness or trends, whether consumer based or political is also of little value in the real scheme of things. If money, external material power, if weaponry and a massive army, if consumption or ownership of meaningless externals do not determine true success of the individual ready to enter the new evolutionary phase about to begin, what does? As I have stated all along, an individual will not be judged by superficiality, by societal possessions, but by real physical and mental health, by a real will to overcome the entropic forces of death and decay. If one cannot be judged by meaningless acts of consumerism or ownership, one can only be judged by the primary components comprising a totality of individual character. The most important aspect of this totality is ones drive to transcend temporal entropy. It is the most noble quest of humanity and the aim or focus of my investigation. It is the quest for immortality.


Posted: 11/05/2010 in Life
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Nirvana means to extinguish the burning fires of the three poisons: greed, anger and ignorance. This can be accomplished by letting go of dissatisfaction.

Stepping up to the podium…

I honestly don’t know where to begin in this post. I want to just tell you all to just stop the idiot behavior, shake you, and some, I even want to punch in the throat. Come on people, wake up. The haunting of disgust unravels in my head within a downward spiral when its brought to my attention of purely disgusting behavior online. Yes, online.

You that hide behind your computer screen and act bad ass and take out on the world, or individual people, the backlash that you receive everyday in your own lives. Do you really think that coming home after getting beat up mentally and emotionally from your job or whatever you do, and making people’s lives miserable online makes you a bad ass? Think again. It shows the real you. It shows how un-bad-ass you really are. Some of you, I want to hunt down and dare you to speak to me that way in person. I may be little, but my tongue can/will rip you down one side and down the other and I will make you bleed. Why? Because I am not afraid of the morons who think they can bully other people. Who cause people to cry or unravel because of your appalling ways. People know that I will always come to their defense and that I will even intervene where it isn’t my business because I can’t deal with you assholes who think your better than anyone.

My god, we are a community. We are a family. I am ashamed of you that use the online medium to attack others. I spit you out and grind you into the dirt with every other low life out there. Do you think you are any better than a murderer, rapist, someone who commits assault and battery? In my eyes, and in many others, you are just alike. The sin may be different, but the cause and effect are the same. You judge and act all high and mighty but you are a coward, because a real man or woman, is silent. They let things roll off their back because, YOU ARE NOTHING!

You post your tweets of hatred, trying to get a high-five and make people think you are the one to come running to when they need help, but in the end, when they need your help, you run like a fucking sissy because you don’t know your ass from your elbow about life or relationships.

Calming down…

In my humble opinion, if you use twitter, a blog, facebook, etc to bash someone, you are a despicable, pathetic fool, and again, shame on you.

If you’re so enthralled in saving face, and protect yourself, your family, your wife, your husband, etc..why don’t you do just that?? You wonder why half of you don’t have a decent relationship or are miserable in one, because you spend a quality of time online bashing others. Pay attention to whats in front of you instead of your past. You bitching about everyone in your past really just shows that you were really the problem. It makes me laugh when people bitch, whine, and complain about this one and that one, my ex, my ex husband, etc…if you have that many complaints, it really just shows what an asshole you really are/were. Not them. Trust me, you expose yourself to the light every time you do it.

Calling someone fat when you are a heavy weight non-champion yourself, really, does that make you feel bad ass? Look in the mirror. Come on…go look.

Calling people’s work or families and be malicious, causing one to lose their job or cause families to fight…really, you are a disgusting piece of shit. Shame shame shame on YOU.

We have it hard enough out there as it is. Don’t you agree?

Aren’t you miserable in the indulgence of your own self-hatred? Do you ever stop to wonder why it is that you have no friends in “real’ life? Do you ever wonder why you get so easily offended when “real” life people say something to you that you may be ignorant to or feel like they made fun of you in some way?

If you answered yes to any of those, it most likely means, wake up…grow up…and step away from the computer and get a life.

To those of you that swing around marriage as if its like a day at Disney World, really? Your going to say something about others just looking to get their MR. or MRS degree? You, that married, weeks after you met you wife or husband..isn’t that what YOU did??? I’m curious…tell me. I can take it.

I am sure some of you will read this and think its all about you and make it about you…well, if you do, most likely it’s FOR you.

I am 44 going on 45 very soon, and I am so thankful I am grown up and don’t use online to attack anyone. I may stand up and speak my mind, but tell me one time, I used blogs or a tweet to abuse someone? You won’t find one. What you will find, is me coming to the rescue of others because I am not afraid of you…let me repeat, I am not afraid of you. I have reported many people for cyber bullying, including some just today. Oh and make no mistake…I don’t report to the online outlet some may use…no I go right to the authorities.

On a side note, duct tape, twist ties and print screen are some of the most wonderful inventions made for us.

Ok…I am done
For now…

Life in General

Posted: 10/07/2010 in Life

If people were real, life might be very scary. I think this because we are always afraid of the unknown and I am having a hard time with finding people who are genuine. That have absolute to their life and want something more than just the ordinary. Are not people bored with their lives? Don’t people want *more*?

I do. I am tired of the ordinary. The hum drum of the daily dose of “hi, how are you, let me tell you about my day”…tell me something interesting. Tell me something frightening. Make me do something. Challenge me. Give me something to be enthralled with.

I get bored easy. Sometimes too easy. I need the challenge. I need that mental stimulation. If you want boredom or the same ol same ol, I am not going to fit into your life the way we both need. If you don’t have it in you to give me more and make me give you more, again, we are not a good fit. This could be any type of relationship, not just a romantic one. This is why I pride myself on the quality of friendships that I have. I don’t have but just a handful of friends, and some acquaintances, and like to keep it that way and I find that more introduces drama. I hate drama. I will run as fast from it as it tried to squirm into my life. Drama sucks!

No, I am not better than anyone. I have flaws, I bleed, I feel pain, I dream, I love, and I am loved. What I am though is intuitive. I can see right through falsehoods and people just using me, or trying to use me. I can see when people are reliable, and I can see when they are just around me waiting for something better. How cruel some people are. Truly, I do not understand some people.

Some people demand respect, yet they lack the ability to show the same respect and just expect you to give and give and they give nothing. If and when I want something, I will go after it. I will make it known that I want it…But..If I don’t feel the same from the other party, my ‘trying” ceases as I am no one’s doormat and not here to be someone’s cheerleader when I am not getting some credit or some attention.

I just want someone to love me, to be real with me, to show me all of them, and let me show them all of me. It is not too difficult to ask, is it? I don’t mean to sound jaded…I am not. I just want what I want and here is my place to vent and get things off my chest…to get the monkey off my back for a lack of better term. 🙂

Love and plasma!


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The only thing we can’t do anything in this world is TIME. Whatever we do, how we like to stop it, even if we kill all the clocks in this world, time is ticking; your time is ticking, and so is mine. For them time is gold, but for me, it isn’t, Its LIFE. If we used all our time, we lose our life, but if we lose all our gold, it doesn’t mean we lost our life.

For all these years, scientists have been searching for solutions to prolong life. But to no avail. What we have are the chemicals and substances that makes the opposite – reduces our life.

Time is life. Although we can’t do much about time, at least we can save them and by doing so, we prolong our life in a way. How?

Supposed we have to live 60 years. Every day we sleep 8 hours average but we only need 6, we kill time in the office 2 hours a day, and we’re idle for 2 more hours. Killed time is wasted, and wasted time is wasted life. If we could save 2 hours from sleeping, the wasted time and the idle time together and put it in a bottle, its 6 hours a day; 6 additional hours to your life. Doing the math, its 180 hours per month, about 91.25 days per year, or about 15 more years throughout your lifetime. This is just an illustration of the point; maybe some of us got more life being wasted, and more life to be saved. Just think about it.

Sad thing is we don’t save time in a bottle to spend it later. This will not extend your life further. We just spend our time wisely, by not doing useless things for nothing, by not over sleeping. We use this time to do good to others, to learn something, for ourselves and for others, wisdom and knowledge to be passed on generations to generation.

Work to live, but don’t live to work. Working all your life spends all your available time, and your life with it. It would give you gold, but you can’t use them to buy you more time in the end.

Spend your life wisely. It’s the best thing we had but we don’t always have.

We must reach through the ripples in our minds, touch the object of desires and change it to our will! It does not just exist as you picture it so choose your desires wisely.  

We must take a good look at this world in order to understand exact relationships which stare us in the face every day. We possess the means to feel the vibrations of other life forces in the same way we can instantly move into a creative mode like in music when the song is produced from synchronous mental and physical action. We possess the ability to magnetize the will of civilization with the right idea or picturing in the mind. When we combine this picturing with will and augment the dynamic tension of the mind and body, we increase our psycho-magnetic field and can bend the universe. 

We are always at odds with this collective consciousness. We wish to have a connection to the world but often lose our own visualization skill during the attempt to accomplish this. The key is to maintain the internal skills of seeing this world and projecting that vision into reality in order to bend reality 

Realize, it’s not just an issue of logic because one could imagine with pure logic alone something so powerful it alters reality. It is how low-level logic is used to keep us trapped in society by hypnotizing us into constantly seeing ourselves as weaklings who cannot truly change the status quo.

I am saying that if we strip away everything we think we know about the world, even the past determining the future, we may be able to truly with our inner imagination and visualization alter this world in a way we never would have imagined if we simply played by the rules. I think the key is using the power of all thought to its purest, highest level and be open to the fact that every concept we have been trained to robotically believe in, including the very laws of physics, may be nothing more than bad habits like sedimentary rock which becomes the reality until something new erupts and forces a whole different perspective into the world.

Just remember that we all have a very tight, wonderful concept in general, and understanding. Let’s say you have this moment when all of a sudden all these things that made no sense all instantly clicked in your head and your whole view of the world, the way you even see space and time, changed instantly. We have to believe we can do this or the mundane of routine existence would deaden everything and no evolution, physical or mental could occur.

I look deep into your eyes and as a spark of electricity flies across the chasm separating our souls, our life forms, our monadic energy fields… The vibration resonates across the Universe, a Universe on the brink of entropic collapse, ready to watch the Grand Play of Fools unfold like a magic carpet across time … “But I, no, it was you in the room!  I saw you in a million, billion repeating lives, repeating dramatic sequences causing ripples in the fabric of the ether.”  And now, for the Cabaret of Insanity as Person X mutates into Person Y, the fallout occurs without the bomb blast – this is the human race’s last chance. 

The Demons subsisting on the edge of the fabric of Reality begin to seep into the picture perfect world of Mundanity, dropping like the black tears of oil wasted on the gluttonous hogs pigging up the world.  What most simpletons fail to realize, a phenomenon happening right before their hypnotized eyes, is that we have all been slightly altered by the demon rain dripping down our spines and giving us that secret zing up the back of the neck. 

There is a moment, a moment when Time turns in on itself as the Primary Characters act out their roles on the Universal Stage.  Now it’s the countdown: Ten, Nine, Eight …  The mania sweeps across the little people, like a black cloud of infectious hysteria disease. 

Time is ticking, more loudly than ever as the bubbles begin to rise to the top when the human race heats to a boiling point.  An explosion here, an implosion there.  And all the money grubbers dance the jig of death, having eaten too many workers until the little people begin to scream and erupt out of their Corporate Bellies.  Seven, Six, Five, Four …  Madness, screaming, crashing down of global conquest schemes, disaster, entropic breakdown served cold like sushi on a platter, reconstituting our very notions of physics and matter. 

Strike the match and watch the False Gods burn, leaving the dust of paper idols which kept the little people in check.  Strike the match as the energy, kept under check by the Big Haves having the world as a consumption machine intensifies.  Strike the match and watch the Waking Nightmare burn up into a Nowness of Action and instant attraction.  Is it the entire world or You and I alone in a room outside of Time? The sparks begin to fly as the Grand Deceiver is exposed for creating the Great Lie.  Three, Two, One …  The madness strikes the match of instantaneous sobriety, forcing a knowing eclipsing the chaos around us. – This is the point which separates the Mundane from those who choose to ascend beyond the Slave Camp charade. 

I look into your eyes and electricity begins to ignite the explosive energy which until this moment has been kept in check, airtight.  Sometimes the dynamic tension of two souls can strike the walls of the Universe hard enough to release the friction burning the dead wood out of the Play.  This all occurs as the Prelude To A Kiss, a Kiss that strikes the alarm, the alarm which wakes up the dreamers from the dream of Self and demands absolute mania as its rose garden of love and lust.  I look into your eyes and see the world bend.

Staying Positive

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“There are times to cultivate and create, when you nurture your world and give birth to new ideas and ventures. There are times of flourishing and abundance, when life feels in full bloom, energized and expanding. And there are times of fruition, when things come to an end. They have reached their climax and must be harvested before they begin to fade. And finally of course, there are times that are cold, and cutting and empty, times when the spring of new beginnings seems like a distant dream. Those rhythms in life are natural events. They weave into one another as day follows night, bringing, not messages of hope and fear, but messages of how things are.”

~~~Chogyam Trungpa~~~

Positive outlooks each moment of the day increases happiness within me. Regardless of, the obstacles and negative people I will see on my journey in life. I will begin and end each day with positive thoughts and feelings. I can fall asleep without worrying about the previous day’s events as I can dream positively throughout the night.


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Everything happens for a reason. maybe you don’t see the reason right now, but when it is fully revealed, it will blow you away.

Reasons happen for everything. You are here because this is where you belong. Right here, Right now.

I recall hearing a story about a girl who was fired from a major holding company and she was so furious that security had to escort her out of the building. That next day, sitting in her living room, eating breakfast, she watched the news as the two planes crashed into the World Trade Twin Towers in NYC. She had worked in the second tower…

Life is simple, yet so complex. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is the future. Today is what you should be living. Live in the moment and be content with what is in front of you. We all want more and we want it now. Patience is possibly the hardest thing in our day-to-day lives. I know it is for me.

We all say it, “we are living for tomorrow.” What a stupid statement.

Now is the only time that makes sense to live. Yes, we can all plan for tomorrow, but both you and I know that plans change. Life can be one big interrupter to our plans. That’s when life sucks and is disappointing. But, who did that? You did. You made plans for tomorrow instead of living in the moment. I am thoroughly convinced that people who plan for the future are not happy with their lives. Young, old, rich, poor, we all do it.

We all meet people everyday, and some are subtle reminders and others make an impact that change us forever. What was the reason we met those individuals? We may not know exactly the reasoning at that very moment, but time tells everything. Stay focused and stay with it, and it will be revealed. Maybe a great friend is in store or the love of your life. Whatever it may be, live in it.

Everything does happen for a reason.