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I watch you as you sleep curled up by your side. I can’t help but be in awe of your beauty.
Then I am driven to please you: slowly I slide under the sheets.
All of this unknown to you, for you are still fast asleep.
Caressing and touching all of your body with my fingertips.

Slowly, I begin to lick your nipples feeling them swell in my mouth sucking in as much as I can.
As my tongue rolls up and down your breasts tempting that delicious hard knot tucked into my mouth.
I glide my tongue along your stomach kissing…nibbling….tracing my tongue upon the entire of your luscious body until I reach your exquisite fruit.

Tracing the outline, my tongue begins to lightly open your lips which need no effort at all.
Your wetness…the heat that I crave, hunger and thirst for, intoxicating my senses.
I begin to lick gently, licking in and out, up and down, fucking your pussy with my tongue continuously.
You stir, as to only spread your legs wider for me, you gently awake…

Like a dream you are having, you rock your hips to a rhythmic pulse, that sings with my tongue in unison.
I press my mouth…my face deeper into you, teasing you with my hungry tongue which is eager to please you, fulfill you, satisfy you completely.

While tasting you, you moan softly with each stroke, as I pleasure you.
I continue to lick, suck and tease your pussy gently vibrating my tongue on your clit, as you begin to climax, grinding your hips…fucking my mouth.

You open your eyes only to find me, my head laying between your legs.
I look up and smile as my tongue begins to work into you again, but this time you are fully awake.

© 2011 L. Tripaldi

Music to my Ears

Posted: 09/07/2011 in Erotica
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I like what you like

I want what you want

I live what you are dreaming…

Deep within the spellbound haunting of the night
As the deviating moon turns a pale blue
My appetite surfaces from the crystal waters
I find myself in the depth of her mind
Where I find peace and absolve
My elaborate capture of a dark world
It reaps my worthless somber
As I begin my journey into the night
I am ready to experience this powerful rapture
Mischievously she tries to elude the warrant
I strike a chord within her obedience
Instantaneously she responds to my every need
How I love this equation of her and I
As I drown in the pleasure of what is her
The plead that escapes her lips as
Electrical moments of my kiss
Glorious sensation that come within
Ride on waves of passion fleeting
Moments of undulated ecstasy
Stolen moments of passionate bliss.

Be with me

Posted: 01/31/2011 in Writing
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Be with me in the moonlight,
shadows dancing seductively between us.
Passion pulses through our veins,
releasing long suppressed lust.

Hold me in the moonlight,
decipher the language of my soul.
Mental foreplay the inspiration
for the pleasures the night will hold.

Take me in the moonlight,
adrenaline creates a natural high.
Nothing perplexed, it all comes easy,
contentedly lost in you and I.

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

Let Me…

Posted: 10/19/2010 in Erotica
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Let me carve my name with my tongue on your belly…
Uncovering your body
Moving in dark alleys
Love conversation minus words
Uncover the traces of liquid silk
In the way our kisses meet
Amidst nervous touches
In the way we subtly land our hands on each other’s bodies
Your body that is embedded in my mind.
You come to me like a wild fire
Burning incense within me
You come to me like the rain
Quenching every thirst I have
You come to me like silk
Tracing smoothness over my rough edges
You make me feel desired, wanted, teased and loved
With your unruffled being
I yearn to touch you
To taste you
To be inside of you
Welcomed by your sensuous reception

© 2010 LT


Posted: 08/27/2010 in Erotica
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Oh, for that burst of fire,
within a ring of feeling, the
fire of love consummate

For the overpowering desire,
the desire for fire, the living
feeling like a being alive

Seizing, overpowering its victim,
unifying all rivulets of desire in a
flaming quagmire, burning alive

Inflamed in an all-consuming, over-
powering desire, torturing, tortuous,
delightful, delicious, destruction of

All restraint, instinctual seizure,
instincts alive in burning desire,
aflame, alight, lighted, lightning

Shocking, deft retreat, hynotised,
frozen fire, desire alight, aflame –
in love consummate

Submitting to fire, sparkling, blowing
apart, insensate, desire satiate, briefly,
evolving upon the new knowing

Kindling upon new experience, stirring
memories ancient, increasing instinctual
release, a never-ending spiral

Flaming higher, desire awakened anew,
flaming higher, insatiate, a force uncontained,
unrestrained, joyous submission, peaking

Peaking, growing forever ascending, a
spiraling curve of growing explosions
until melting together

Short and Sweet

Posted: 08/14/2010 in Love, Relationships
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There is nothing like the energy that exists when two individuals come to realize that they share an affinity with each other. The atmosphere swirls and vibrates and it’s as if you can feel it resonate inside your entire being. Electrically charged, that’s how I feel when I’ve come into contact with one who can stir my dormant desires and ignite my innate Dominant tendencies.

Posted: 08/05/2010 in Erotica
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Crazed with consumption
our mouths perpetuating the demand
peeling off layer after layer of delight
erotically powerful
taking you fiercely, strong, and sweetly
You have what I want
I’m going to bury my fingers in you
rock you with a vengeance
feeling you yield to me
receiving me completely
you can’t get enough
feeling of relief
that your aching cunt needs

 © 2010 LT
All Rights Reserved
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