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The Name of Silence

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Thoughts, Writing
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The name of silence is enflamed
Eyes are white smooth mirrors
Thoughts turned into warped images
Arms are bridges of truth
With black blood running within
Words are infinite steps
Hanging on a floating void
Suspended by the chains
The flattery of the oblivion.


Posted: 06/02/2011 in Life, Love, Thoughts

Little girl

white frock,

touches Death:

a morbid

old man,

ever so


with the

wondering sparkling

wand of



My Love

Posted: 04/18/2011 in Thoughts, Writing
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I’ll sail away on your last breath if you allow me to touch my lips softly against yours.
I live for the murmurs that are whispered underneath my sheets from your eyes to my frantic heart.
My pulse has a funny way of acting when you come within five feet of me.
Sometimes, I think my heart is going to leap out of my chest and embed its self into your pocket.
Maybe it already has.
I am so deep in love with you!


Posted: 02/19/2011 in Thoughts
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I want a thunderstorm. I love the chaos and the destruction. The complete loss of control that is followed by a peaceful silence, interrupted only by the faint sound of sirens. The crashing, flashing, pouring rain and whirling wind.


Posted: 01/22/2011 in Thoughts, Writing
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Endarkenment is the mystery of inner reflection and renewal. This is the time we spend becoming one with our shadow. Again, we equate our shadow sides as those parts of us we keep hidden or are afraid of. Instead, I look to find those parts of my self that are essential for the development of my inner self. Learning to balance the things that have not been part of my life which could contribute to my development is part of inner reflection.

Mystery is unclear. Mystery is just that, unexplainable, obscure, ambiguous, vague, and deeply spiritual. We, as a people, are constantly trying to solve the mystery, make clear the unclear and explain every detail. Endarkenment revels in the mystery. In contemplation of the sweetness of not ever knowing, endarkenment is celebration. It is taking some things on faith. It is resting in the presence of not knowing. It is mystery. It is the time for endarkenment.

Can You Feel It?

Posted: 12/16/2010 in Thoughts
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Things are not what they appear.  Can you feel the turbulence, the spiraling energy of this universe going completely out of control?  Are we the same people that we thought we were, or is there a new pulse, a new electricity igniting a growing insanity across the spectrum of the panoramic social landscape? 

There is only so much tension the political, the interpersonal, the dramatic pressure cooker can take before a final explosion ignites an Inferno of Madness.  We are at the very end, the end of the end of a race track of sameness keeping society in check.  Almost everyone I know, personally know, seems slightly changed, slightly altered, slightly radioactive.  If we have all been mutated by some strange energy infecting the game of life, if we actually are no longer exactly the same, a little more awake, a little more conscious than the last few years, does this mean there will be a moment, an instant when all this strangeness announces a new chapter for the human race? 

For the past several months people who for years seemed stable have gone off the deep end.  I commented on this before, but it seems like the clock is ticking louder than ever and the alarm is about to sound, signaling a wake up call for all those sleep walkers out there.  Calamities abound like mushrooms on a rainy day.  The degree of unfairness and social tension is exponentially growing.  Entropy and chaos are interlocked in an erotic embrace as this false, puritanical world starts to turn in on itself. 

The question is: Are we witnessing something that will culminate in one global moment, or will insanity and interpersonal breakdown merely become the norm of the day?  Can you feel it grow all around you?  If you can’t, you must be either in a deep sleep or dead to the world.


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There are a myriad of things about myself
which over the years that I have gracefully accepted as flaws,
be they physical or emotional.
Being honest has never been one of them.
I am, and have always been a truth teller. I cannot be anything else,
and it is a quality that I both greatly value and am admired/hated for.
With or without the veil of comedic timing/style,
my commentary comes from the gut.
And as I have grown older, I rarely “edit” myself in conversation.
I keep it fresh and brutal that way. People can take it or leave it,
I tell it like it is, hold nothing back, and have made many enemies because of it.
I am honest and also misunderstood.
The misunderstanding stems from people’s general lack of intelligence,
or perhaps their own pre-conceived notions of who I am,
and what I am trying to say.
It is what it is…  seriously.  Take it or leave it.  I would if it were reversed.

The polarization of our thoughts,
the inner ideologies that clash with one another,
our judgments and opinions, are a road to solace.
 A way of actualizing our potential…as human animals

Someday’s I laugh so much at the fail attempt of some people. How they cowardly assume or attempt to come across as some rock star in the world. To those of you who do this, whether consciously or not, you are one hit wonders, and that one attempt is/was only online. Is that really where you want to be a rock star? Online? If so, I somewhat pity you if not before I dismiss you.

If you have to write your blogs using synonyms to use big words, most likely you are compensating for what you surely do not know. Big words do not make someone a rock star and if they do, most likely they are my alma mater from the colleges I attended. I assure you, the persons I am writing this too, are far from even attempting to write the essay to attend such colleges, not to extend, find where they could actually apply. Does my attending college to obtain my Masters in MBA make me a rock star? Hell no. It’s just a piece of paper. But, it does however not make me a pseudo anything, except in your eyes, because you could not handle having a decent conversation with me as I would throw you under the bus with your ignorance.

However, I am sure your feathers will once again get ruffled, you will gather the family to discuss your next plan of action in your “writing in your blogs” …oh and don’t forget those synonyms…they are quite important in your attention-getting to those same commentors.

Psss…rock star is two words, not one. Just saying

I Am

Posted: 10/08/2010 in Thoughts

I Am

I am an incredible, joyous, wondrous and beautiful creation.
An intriguing, fantastical, mystical, breathtaking and awesome fantasy.
An explosive, powerful, frightening, and intimidating creator.
An intelligent, creative, talented and brilliant person.
A bold, inquisitive, cheeky, infuriating child.
A wise, calculating, patient and slow seer.
A soft, sensual, enveloping and warm lover.
An ugly, lonely, abandoned and mistreated victim.
A cruel, uncaring, proud and selfish victor.
A shining bright white light.
A strong gust of wind, a star in the night sky, a night sky.
A leaf, a tree, a ground, an air.
A droplet of water, a wave, a river, an ocean.
A mirror, a house, a road, a car.
A thought, a feeling, a touch.
A vision, a dream, an illusion.
A word, a sentence, a paragraph, a novel.
An image, a film, a painting in oils.
A worm, an antelope, a dolphin, an eagle.
A hill, a valley, a mountain, a plain.
A earth, a sun, a Saturn, a milky way.
A song, a poem, a voice uplifted.
An eye, a nose, a mouth, an ear.
A hand, a foot, a body, a mind, a soul.
A me, a you, a them, an Us…

~Author Unknown~

Stop. Go.

Posted: 10/06/2010 in Thoughts
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Thoughts too shallow, too hollow to be warm and genuine. cruel inspiration, mocking my lack of time and will and motivation. Aviation. desperation. clean my soul and give me a pad of paper on which to pour my heart. Bitter chimes, understating every feeling, fickle imagination. underscoring my lack of creativity. Stop.
I’m drifting on the waves of the kindness of a stranger. Suddenly the play list seems to have filled with something other than this growing feeling of frustrated numbness. Fragile in it’s simple design, my faith finds the breath to match the rhythm of my heart until I’m swept into a sweet dance of reanimated dreams. I allow my heart to open to the wonder of all creation. Go.

Action Reaction

Posted: 08/11/2010 in Life, Thoughts
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We can only see as far as we can think. Real vision starts with our ability to picture and visualize this world.
Ultimately, how we visualize and how strong our will is determines the energy we possess to transform the world.

It is possible to bend the world, to alter reality, to take imagination and blend it with the pain of experience to form a bond beyond this language? 

To bypass the perception of a “problem”, the fastest fix is when we are most able to see ourselves through the eyes of our perceiver as we interact with them while at the same time noticing the universe showing the opportunities to accept what we have visualized already. How one chooses to react is the acceptance or denial of our desires. Reality is being created & recreated every second. In, through & out of form…
We cannot act unless we learn to picture ourselves and this universe first. Otherwise instead of an action, we have a reaction. When we react we are making the world more real than our own perception of ourself in it. The way to act and not react is to maintain absolute clarity when we choose to conceptualize this universe.

Precisely a blend of language that appeals to the soul. 

Stirring, and yet lacking the ego driving pompousness that often can fall in to these conversations. 
The passing of thoughts, words, symbolism, and ideals to drive… to stir… to render. 


Reach for that line. Cross the barriers. Let go and absorb. 
We need to possess to become… in order to experience.
Feel and be truth. 

The binds are usually self erected…
they are false… and “false” will forever be lacking.


Posted: 08/04/2010 in Life, Thoughts
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“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes”

I recently saw this on a bumper sticker. Pulling off the road to write it down, I kept repeating it so I wouldn’t forget it. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

That statement is brilliant.

Let’s evolve for a second in an analogy of apologizing. There is “I’m sorry” and then there is “I am sorry” with the trembling in the voice. Which one would sound more sincere to you? Your answer will determine not only how you apologize but also how you see things for what they are.

Life is hard enough, so I don’t understand how people have the time nor the energy for additional drama in their life, except that they enjoy the attention. Being genuine is a lost art in this world. It’s sad to me for when I was growing up, it was your name that you protected and valued. Today, we value who has the most toys, and who can virtually beat up another person. I have to add, that if you are a twitter follower of mine and you feel you can ‘beat me up’ online, what a sad sad person you are. Come to my house. I will be happy to give you my address. I am 45 and 40mm and a pitbull that I would like to introduce you too. Or, you could just get a life and start being a grown up.

Ok, back on track. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

Apologies are like a ton of bricks being lifted off  shoulders because it is something that always needs to be done.  So, s
peak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

Let’s start being forthcoming and in that, being honest about what you are speaking about.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. It will set you free.

Just a Thought…

Posted: 08/03/2010 in Thoughts
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“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”   Helen Keller

We cannot create or reach a new hight of awareness while behaving like life is a picnic.  Only when we overcome obstacles and have the necessary breakthroughs for real evolution can we pass our own boundaries and reach the next level.