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I watch you as you sleep curled up by your side. I can’t help but be in awe of your beauty.
Then I am driven to please you: slowly I slide under the sheets.
All of this unknown to you, for you are still fast asleep.
Caressing and touching all of your body with my fingertips.

Slowly, I begin to lick your nipples feeling them swell in my mouth sucking in as much as I can.
As my tongue rolls up and down your breasts tempting that delicious hard knot tucked into my mouth.
I glide my tongue along your stomach kissing…nibbling….tracing my tongue upon the entire of your luscious body until I reach your exquisite fruit.

Tracing the outline, my tongue begins to lightly open your lips which need no effort at all.
Your wetness…the heat that I crave, hunger and thirst for, intoxicating my senses.
I begin to lick gently, licking in and out, up and down, fucking your pussy with my tongue continuously.
You stir, as to only spread your legs wider for me, you gently awake…

Like a dream you are having, you rock your hips to a rhythmic pulse, that sings with my tongue in unison.
I press my mouth…my face deeper into you, teasing you with my hungry tongue which is eager to please you, fulfill you, satisfy you completely.

While tasting you, you moan softly with each stroke, as I pleasure you.
I continue to lick, suck and tease your pussy gently vibrating my tongue on your clit, as you begin to climax, grinding your hips…fucking my mouth.

You open your eyes only to find me, my head laying between your legs.
I look up and smile as my tongue begins to work into you again, but this time you are fully awake.

© 2011 L. Tripaldi

She Laid Down

Posted: 07/08/2011 in Love, Poetry
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She laid down
the waves came up high
crabs dance across the sand

She laid down
cones fell to the floor|
salamanders slide under logs

She laid down
a foot of snow fell on the hills
the hares coat changed to match

She laid down
the sun set for hours
the coyotes sang all night

She laid down
traffic grid  locked  in every direction
the lights came up on Broadway

She laid down
the plane leveled out at thirty thousand feet
three hours to Paris

She laid down
the world at her feet

I Want to Know You

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Erotica, Love
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I want to know you from the texture of your hair to the tender spots on the bottoms of your feet and everywhere in between.  To touch your mind, to know the way you process, to know the quirks that make up who you are, to hear the inflections in your voice, to know the curve of your smile and the shade of your eyes for each emotion. 
I want to study you and see the depth of your convictions and the warmth of your soul.  I want to know the full spectrum of your emotions. 

There’s so much I want to know about you.

I want to see and hear the excitement of the child in you along with the gravity and knowledge that comes with being an adult who has lived and seen: loved and hurt.  I want to see that same child feisty, bratty and stubborn but needing so badly to curl up in someones arms and hide at times. The adult, confident, cocky and knowledgeable with an inner strength that shines and needs someone to take refuge in your arms.  I want to see the soft, patient lover gently guiding me to new areas working right beside the raw, passionate one that wants to ravish and take what I want…what is mine. 

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know the smell of your shampoo as it lingers in your hair. The unique fragrance that can only come from your skin and the musky smell of your arousal for me.  I want to taste the sweetness of your lips, your kisses and the salt of your skin. I want to see your eyes dilate from passion as my mouth finds all the tender areas that allows me to hear and feel the intensity of your responses, from the swift intake of breath, to the thundering of your pulse, to the goose bumps that appear at my touch to the wonderful sounds of your release.

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know all the multitude of things that combine together in a unique way to make you the person you are… intelligent, funny, caring, gentle, sexy and completely intense.

I want to know you…

Come Together

Posted: 06/18/2011 in Love
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My thoughts transcend to the ordinary
As Northern Lights radiate in the earth.
Her love allows the breaking free of shackles of time and space
The soft essence floats freely
Liquid silk, searching for its like.

She does not wish to simply appease her soul…

Melodious dance of music, the heart wafts gently
Penetrating crevices so long ago left void.
Whispering thoughts that travel to ritual and small graces…
She set’s me free.


Posted: 06/02/2011 in Life, Love, Thoughts

Little girl

white frock,

touches Death:

a morbid

old man,

ever so


with the

wondering sparkling

wand of




Posted: 01/10/2011 in Love, Writing
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I focus on you and us and
the only clarity I envision is
my hand
your face
a mirror
I was lost somewhere before you
now I am
somewhere near you, yet so far away because I can never feel close enough
even when you are so close to me.
I ache for more
you are crimson
deep and beautiful
I am coal
this does not make me worthless
I am beautiful in silky black and silver ash, this temporary cloak of moments in time that surround me.
you call me yours..
and it makes me feel alive
When I yearn and miss you, willing to sell my soul to the devil just to simply touch your face, to feel your breath.
slipping through daydreams and memories
fingers tracing, tips and palms against heartbeats and pulses
your hands
silky yet strong capable hands
at dust
While I am away
I feel you and can easily read
your simple sweet thoughts
and depth of being
you are glorious
I am glorious
your glory is shown through
confidence faith and love
mine~ through wind rain earth and fire
you~ through god and angels
me~ through elements and stars
you~ crimson transparent white
me~ gray in a black and white world
you fit well here 
I also..
At the same moment your smile and embrace makes me fit anywhere and everywhere.
I was born to that fate and element
it is the home of my birth
I suppose..
a place lately that travels far and often
seeking a nest to rest
fairing well just before and at sunrise~~

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

Less is More

Posted: 12/21/2010 in Love, Writing
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Thoughts too shallow, too hollow to be warm and genuine. cruel inspiration, mocking my lack of time and will and motivation. Aviation. desperation. Clean my soul and give me a pad of paper on which to pour my heart. Bitter chimes, understating every feeling, fickle imagination. underscoring my lack of creativity. Stop.
I’m drifting on the waves of the kindness of a stranger. Suddenly the play list seems to have filled with something other than this growing feeling of frustrated numbness. Fragile in its simple design, my faith finds the breath to match the rhythm of my heart until I’m swept into a sweet dance of reanimated dreams. I allow my heart to open to the wonder of all creation.
Frustration can rivet you into place. I open my eyes and take a look around to find that the meaning of life is empty calories. So dig me a grave expression. When did you get so caught up in trying to appear strange and full of wonder, that it causes us to wonder, what’s the point anymore? Gibberish no matter how dressed up for the occasion is simply that. Fill the empty space between your pages with some substance. The soul is a vehicle for creativity, and yet I find us jumping through the same hoops killing invention with the name of “freedom”. Hopeless.
I’ll sail away on your last breath if you allow me to touch my lips softly against yours. I live for the murmurs that are whispered underneath my sheets from your eyes to my frantic heart. My pulse has a funny way of acting when you come within five feet of me. Sometimes I think my heart is going to leap out of my chest and embed its self into your pocket. Maybe it already has.

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Before the rain comes there is a stillness
a hush as the world holds its breath
And before I kiss you
there is that same
 of anticipation before the satisfaction…

She is out there…
She makes me count the stars…

I look deep into your eyes and as a spark of electricity flies across the chasm separating our souls, our life forms, our monadic energy fields… The vibration resonates across the Universe, a Universe on the brink of entropic collapse, ready to watch the Grand Play of Fools unfold like a magic carpet across time … “But I, no, it was you in the room!  I saw you in a million, billion repeating lives, repeating dramatic sequences causing ripples in the fabric of the ether.”  And now, for the Cabaret of Insanity as Person X mutates into Person Y, the fallout occurs without the bomb blast – this is the human race’s last chance. 

The Demons subsisting on the edge of the fabric of Reality begin to seep into the picture perfect world of Mundanity, dropping like the black tears of oil wasted on the gluttonous hogs pigging up the world.  What most simpletons fail to realize, a phenomenon happening right before their hypnotized eyes, is that we have all been slightly altered by the demon rain dripping down our spines and giving us that secret zing up the back of the neck. 

There is a moment, a moment when Time turns in on itself as the Primary Characters act out their roles on the Universal Stage.  Now it’s the countdown: Ten, Nine, Eight …  The mania sweeps across the little people, like a black cloud of infectious hysteria disease. 

Time is ticking, more loudly than ever as the bubbles begin to rise to the top when the human race heats to a boiling point.  An explosion here, an implosion there.  And all the money grubbers dance the jig of death, having eaten too many workers until the little people begin to scream and erupt out of their Corporate Bellies.  Seven, Six, Five, Four …  Madness, screaming, crashing down of global conquest schemes, disaster, entropic breakdown served cold like sushi on a platter, reconstituting our very notions of physics and matter. 

Strike the match and watch the False Gods burn, leaving the dust of paper idols which kept the little people in check.  Strike the match as the energy, kept under check by the Big Haves having the world as a consumption machine intensifies.  Strike the match and watch the Waking Nightmare burn up into a Nowness of Action and instant attraction.  Is it the entire world or You and I alone in a room outside of Time? The sparks begin to fly as the Grand Deceiver is exposed for creating the Great Lie.  Three, Two, One …  The madness strikes the match of instantaneous sobriety, forcing a knowing eclipsing the chaos around us. – This is the point which separates the Mundane from those who choose to ascend beyond the Slave Camp charade. 

I look into your eyes and electricity begins to ignite the explosive energy which until this moment has been kept in check, airtight.  Sometimes the dynamic tension of two souls can strike the walls of the Universe hard enough to release the friction burning the dead wood out of the Play.  This all occurs as the Prelude To A Kiss, a Kiss that strikes the alarm, the alarm which wakes up the dreamers from the dream of Self and demands absolute mania as its rose garden of love and lust.  I look into your eyes and see the world bend.

Short and Sweet

Posted: 08/14/2010 in Love, Relationships
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There is nothing like the energy that exists when two individuals come to realize that they share an affinity with each other. The atmosphere swirls and vibrates and it’s as if you can feel it resonate inside your entire being. Electrically charged, that’s how I feel when I’ve come into contact with one who can stir my dormant desires and ignite my innate Dominant tendencies.


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Everything happens for a reason. maybe you don’t see the reason right now, but when it is fully revealed, it will blow you away.

Reasons happen for everything. You are here because this is where you belong. Right here, Right now.

I recall hearing a story about a girl who was fired from a major holding company and she was so furious that security had to escort her out of the building. That next day, sitting in her living room, eating breakfast, she watched the news as the two planes crashed into the World Trade Twin Towers in NYC. She had worked in the second tower…

Life is simple, yet so complex. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is the future. Today is what you should be living. Live in the moment and be content with what is in front of you. We all want more and we want it now. Patience is possibly the hardest thing in our day-to-day lives. I know it is for me.

We all say it, “we are living for tomorrow.” What a stupid statement.

Now is the only time that makes sense to live. Yes, we can all plan for tomorrow, but both you and I know that plans change. Life can be one big interrupter to our plans. That’s when life sucks and is disappointing. But, who did that? You did. You made plans for tomorrow instead of living in the moment. I am thoroughly convinced that people who plan for the future are not happy with their lives. Young, old, rich, poor, we all do it.

We all meet people everyday, and some are subtle reminders and others make an impact that change us forever. What was the reason we met those individuals? We may not know exactly the reasoning at that very moment, but time tells everything. Stay focused and stay with it, and it will be revealed. Maybe a great friend is in store or the love of your life. Whatever it may be, live in it.

Everything does happen for a reason.