My dreams belong to me…they have no boundaries, no harnesses, and no rules.

My motto:
No expectations, no demands…no regrets.

My name is Lee…this blog is only the surface as to who I am. It’s an expression of words and mental conversations with emotions and thoughts. You can sum me up to an unusual suspect, art/book junkie, and thinking guru.

Twitter: Silent_musings

About me…My likes
Art • Photography • Music • M/s • D/s • Philosophy • Psychology • Archaeology • Art Galleries • Historical Museums • Pleasure Seeker • Daydreaming • Thinking • Reading • Music • Animals • Reading • Caffeine • Chocolate • Organic Foods • Venetian Masks • Traveling • Nature • Rain • Sex • Horror • Mystery • Vampires • Skulls • Guns • Knives • Black • Love • Passion • Devotion…

My Alumni:
My CV is available upon request

Do not try and educate me about my own subculture of being a decent human being. I will always play the devils advocate. I don’t give a damn what you think of me. If I am older than you, I will automatically assume that I am smarter than you. When you grow up you will understand.