A Picture Paints

Posted: 07/23/2011 in Writing

The secret of life swirls gently in the cool softly scented mountain breeze
enveloped in timeless beauty
surrounded by magnificent textures
touched by the colors so vividly painted on the horizon
with soft hands and the stroke of your brush

I risk everything
to know the origin
of the beginning
swirling with wonder
Fixated on distant horizons
My mind slips and falters
Lost in my thoughts

Let these seconds pass slowly
Allow myself tense with anticipation
To become a silent witness invoking you……

Come and wash through me
Breathe life into me once again
Close my mind like a box
And allow me to remain here with you
Safe in the world that we are

Let me hear once again
The agonizingly slow intakes of breath
And tumultuous screams of release
Come and wrap them around me
Unwilling to divert my attention

After the storm
there is calm
Satiate my longing to be enveloped in strength and virility
With the old world charm
My soul reacts to a subtle gesture
love wafts gently into the ether
the essence of our beings…

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

  1. dealwithit5 says:

    I so enjoy your writing. The words here captivate me.

  2. This is really excellent! I love the style of writing – a continuum of thought.

  3. Amy says:

    I read this and read it again okay and again….

    Here is a writer, a poet…who uses her words in such a fine manner as to paint a picture so vivid and brilliant.

    Your world on a canvas of words.

    To find such talent is a joy to behold.

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