I Want to Know You

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Erotica, Love
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I want to know you from the texture of your hair to the tender spots on the bottoms of your feet and everywhere in between.  To touch your mind, to know the way you process, to know the quirks that make up who you are, to hear the inflections in your voice, to know the curve of your smile and the shade of your eyes for each emotion. 
I want to study you and see the depth of your convictions and the warmth of your soul.  I want to know the full spectrum of your emotions. 

There’s so much I want to know about you.

I want to see and hear the excitement of the child in you along with the gravity and knowledge that comes with being an adult who has lived and seen: loved and hurt.  I want to see that same child feisty, bratty and stubborn but needing so badly to curl up in someones arms and hide at times. The adult, confident, cocky and knowledgeable with an inner strength that shines and needs someone to take refuge in your arms.  I want to see the soft, patient lover gently guiding me to new areas working right beside the raw, passionate one that wants to ravish and take what I want…what is mine. 

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know the smell of your shampoo as it lingers in your hair. The unique fragrance that can only come from your skin and the musky smell of your arousal for me.  I want to taste the sweetness of your lips, your kisses and the salt of your skin. I want to see your eyes dilate from passion as my mouth finds all the tender areas that allows me to hear and feel the intensity of your responses, from the swift intake of breath, to the thundering of your pulse, to the goose bumps that appear at my touch to the wonderful sounds of your release.

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know all the multitude of things that combine together in a unique way to make you the person you are… intelligent, funny, caring, gentle, sexy and completely intense.

I want to know you…

  1. JTW says:

    i love it when a post gets my heart beating just a bit faster.


  2. Amy says:


  3. Teressa says:

    Breath taking, I’m jealous of your love and jealous at your ability to verbalize it so beautifully , xoxo. Teressa

  4. @tashamiel says:

    Beautiful post. Love!

  5. Yep, a total heartstopper. Especially the adult/child part – what a unique way to view a person!

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