Hopeless Freedom?

Posted: 04/30/2011 in Writing
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Frustration can rivet you into place.
I open my eyes and take a look around to find that the meaning of life is empty calories.
So dig me a grave expression.
When did you get so caught up in trying to appear strange and full of wonder
That it causes us to wonder
What’s the point anymore?
Gibberish no matter how dressed up for the occasion is simply that.
Fill the empty space between your pages with some substance.
The soul is a vehicle for creativity…
              …and yet I find us jumping through the same hoops killing invention with the name of “freedom”.
  1. Amy says:


    So why is it everything you write hits home for me? I am looking for the ‘freedom’ in all life’s lessons. No more jumping through hoops for anyone.

    namaste dear friend,

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