Worth the Risk

Posted: 04/12/2011 in Writing

Before the storm
There is calm
Satiate your longing to be enveloped in strength and virility
With old world charm I lure
My soul reacts with violent desire
Aching for the dark ways
A subtle gesture will bring you to your knees
Love wafts gently into the ether
The essence of me…

The secret of life swirls gently in the cool softly scented mountain breeze
Enveloped in timeless beauty
Surrounded by magnificent textures
Touched by the colors so vividly painted on the horizon
With my strong hands and the stroke of my brush
I risk everything
To know the origin
Of the beginning
Swirling with wonder
And become one
The cool mountain air
Brought reprieve
From the fire of the day
In my hand is a book
Kissed by the flames
Inside cover reads…

My love….your words
Are timeless…

I wonder at the origin
Passionate lovers
Escape the temptation of
Time … far out on the horizon
A strong pine
Sways in the breeze
Enveloped in sweet moist air
Sure to become
Book or home
Her roots reach into the ground
And hold fast to this mountain
As I walk away
The back page blows
Open in the afternoon wind
I read…

It was all worth the risk…

  1. Amy says:

    Your way with words speak like no other Lee! As I truly enjoy your twitter ramblings..this is where the real Lee comes through. A strong beautiful source of life you are. I wish nothing but the best for you! In school and in life!
    much love
    Namaste my friend,


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