What Was Once, What Is Now

Posted: 03/05/2011 in Writing
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What was once…
A shadowed room, books lay open, unread
Nothing in this silence to intrigue the stagnant brain
It is held captivated by the pain of emptiness
Looking upon this day through the eye of a camera
Lost, disconnected, observing through another’s eyes
The candle that is hope, once lit, again extinguished
A mantra plays about the mind, the repeat of one word “please”
Bittersweet longing chokes the chest, wanting, yearning,
A craving to return to the days of enraptured delight
The linens on the bed remain crisply undisturbed
Sleep eludes in the exhausting abyss of despair

What is now…
A shadowed room, linens splashed with crimson
The edge of a sharpened eyes glistening
In the flickering of the candle that is to become an instrument
No camera could capture these,
Intriguing and captivating dark delicious memories
No recording could lend more cadence to this mantra
Cried out in husky enraptured tones, one word “please”
No book could be authored to describe these,
The earth-shaking emotions, the intensity that is,
An ardent desire and a zealous need.

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