No More Nonsense!

Posted: 02/01/2011 in Writing

I am not going to paint a pretty picture for those needing their daily dose of support club stimulation.

I can’t just pretend this is some fairy tale where the toys of a lost age become style statements for human derangement.

I can’t condone your hypnotized gaze at the laptop screen as though it is a living thing.

I won’t allow information vacuum cleaners robbing me of time, Real Time, Time which could be used for making changes and to focus To stare directly into the Supreme Eyeball of the controlling hand of big brother And eradicate its power by an act of cognitive clarity.

Sorry, but I have a new policy. It’s called ‘no more nonsense”

There is a war, a real battle of will trying to rip the fabric of reality apart, refusing to end the conflict for fear of economic collapse, denying the cures for diseases, keeping the poor in its never-ending downward spiral.

Military Might, Financial Control, Media Manipulation, Mutated Science, Trendy Language, and Stylistic Fascism.

While the domesticated monkey responds to stimulus inside the electronic incubator.

While the global controllers shift wars, corporations, and prime time stories on cable stations, like faux news.         

While ivory tower intellectuals count their dust particles accumulating inside their cubicles.

While banks steal funds to feed financial vampires drinking and draining the workers life blood.

While human vanity zombies, aimlessly explore the newest shopping mall for the next gadget religion.

While those who possess intelligence are given intelligent toys to dull their consciousness.

Real thinking, clear cognition, unbiased perception can only lead us to the conclusion. We must clean out the cobwebs growing in our collective consciousness,
Breaking the chains holding back a new reign of real imagination and a reconnection to a universal truth that the core of human will determines the future of evolving life in this universe. We cannot allow ourselves to buy into the act of being sold down the river, a polluted stream insisting we drink  the corporate waters of ignorance and manipulated gluttony. This entire system, a subsisting monstrosity out of control, a projection of power brokers raping the resources of the earth
This planetary prison run by a bloated banking puppets Must crash and burn up inside the community grave it created To bury its worn out slaves

Yes, I have seen enough backwards logic, enough fast food thought. Today’s consumerism assumes knowledge can simply be bought proving any principle will be believed of it is taught. But there is a mistake to this rippling avalanche of deceit, pretending the lies of this civilization are some kind of treat. Saying “let them eat cake” while feeding us hormone induced meat. We can shift the entire model locking us into yesterday’s thinking. We can refuse to accept meaningless time wasters clogging up the fluidity of focus. We can obliterate these institutions, these self-serving agents out to stop the expansion of life in the universe, out to convert our spirits into toxic by-products.

There is a way to alter this entire reality, to reshape and remold the parameters of sanity. It begins with a refusal to simply accept oppression and grief, insisting honest thinking must begin with self belief.  Stop wasting time. Stop worrying what others think, living inside the warped mirror of self-obsession, requiring endless fast food value meals of worthless information, forever effected by flashes of technological glitter, saluting the news and following talking head opinions. And that is the key, Understanding how time, your time, is being manipulated.

It is time to end the tyranny of linear time. It is time to stand up and take a stand.  It is time to throw away all false beliefs holding us back.

When you wake up and look at your own two eyes in the mirror, When you awaken from a waking hypnotic trance, And realize the most powerful force in existence isn’t

Money, Greed, Military Might, Media Control, Religion, Slave Labor, Corporate Ownership, or Scientific Deception

The most powerful force in existence is you!

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