Posted: 01/10/2011 in Love, Writing
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I focus on you and us and
the only clarity I envision is
my hand
your face
a mirror
I was lost somewhere before you
now I am
somewhere near you, yet so far away because I can never feel close enough
even when you are so close to me.
I ache for more
you are crimson
deep and beautiful
I am coal
this does not make me worthless
I am beautiful in silky black and silver ash, this temporary cloak of moments in time that surround me.
you call me yours..
and it makes me feel alive
When I yearn and miss you, willing to sell my soul to the devil just to simply touch your face, to feel your breath.
slipping through daydreams and memories
fingers tracing, tips and palms against heartbeats and pulses
your hands
silky yet strong capable hands
at dust
While I am away
I feel you and can easily read
your simple sweet thoughts
and depth of being
you are glorious
I am glorious
your glory is shown through
confidence faith and love
mine~ through wind rain earth and fire
you~ through god and angels
me~ through elements and stars
you~ crimson transparent white
me~ gray in a black and white world
you fit well here 
I also..
At the same moment your smile and embrace makes me fit anywhere and everywhere.
I was born to that fate and element
it is the home of my birth
I suppose..
a place lately that travels far and often
seeking a nest to rest
fairing well just before and at sunrise~~

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

  1. Meli says:

    You are a muse by no other name Lee. I have complete head to toe chills in reading and re-reading this piece. You are amazing, my friend.

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