Less is More

Posted: 12/21/2010 in Love, Writing
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Thoughts too shallow, too hollow to be warm and genuine. cruel inspiration, mocking my lack of time and will and motivation. Aviation. desperation. Clean my soul and give me a pad of paper on which to pour my heart. Bitter chimes, understating every feeling, fickle imagination. underscoring my lack of creativity. Stop.
I’m drifting on the waves of the kindness of a stranger. Suddenly the play list seems to have filled with something other than this growing feeling of frustrated numbness. Fragile in its simple design, my faith finds the breath to match the rhythm of my heart until I’m swept into a sweet dance of reanimated dreams. I allow my heart to open to the wonder of all creation.
Frustration can rivet you into place. I open my eyes and take a look around to find that the meaning of life is empty calories. So dig me a grave expression. When did you get so caught up in trying to appear strange and full of wonder, that it causes us to wonder, what’s the point anymore? Gibberish no matter how dressed up for the occasion is simply that. Fill the empty space between your pages with some substance. The soul is a vehicle for creativity, and yet I find us jumping through the same hoops killing invention with the name of “freedom”. Hopeless.
I’ll sail away on your last breath if you allow me to touch my lips softly against yours. I live for the murmurs that are whispered underneath my sheets from your eyes to my frantic heart. My pulse has a funny way of acting when you come within five feet of me. Sometimes I think my heart is going to leap out of my chest and embed its self into your pocket. Maybe it already has.
  1. Michelle says:

    I read your writing over and again and can never choose which is my favorite among them. I am so thankful I can never choose except to treasure them all.

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