Peeling The Layer

Posted: 12/14/2010 in Life
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Regardless of the facts, thoughts make the world go around. Spin, turn; whatever your reasoning for night and day. You can’t see it, all you know is freeze and unfreeze. Your mind is shadow, brightness makes a complete circle but can’t penetrate. When you are enlightened truth becomes reality. Escape isn’t the only choice, but it’s all you think at that moment. Time stops when you sleep, it’s a giant charade. A game designed to see how long you can remember how you got to where you are. A motion in a clock doesn’t measure time, time doesn’t exist.

Consciousness is a dream. Beautiful washes of pulsating colors, a thousand frequencies interpreted as life to your mind. Controlling any aspect is a crime. Falling asleep is one way out. A flame comes unlit, the radio plays in the background and you feel a little chill. Everyone acts like children when they sleep alone.

You say the facts are all you need to live by. It would make sense if you’d believe it. The facts don’t exist. Everyone plays the game on you. Amazingly fine, an infinite jigsaw puzzle throughout your head. Light as you can get, before you die, you see it all. And then you don’t want it back, ever again. All you do is give up. And that’s the end.

But it’s not. You’re still here. Life, the illusion you thought that would fade away with time, still needs you around. A receiver for every broadcast, message sender. We all are, trying to get the highest thrill. Themes we think we are, some divine paper boy sent from a high deity to speak the truth. We don’t let on, we don’t pretend. We only do the shuffle and pretend to pretend. Your thoughts are nothing but electrical impulses, turned on by an opportunity to mate or kill, your sadistic side tells you.

Just because you feel something doesn’t make it real. The best ideas come by mistake. Someone misinterprets an expression by you and calls it brilliance. Or you yourself fail in trying to express the original vision but you create something greater as a result.

Mistakes are the only unique ideas.

  1. Michelle says:

    You have the most beatiful way of expressing your innermost thoughts.

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