Leaning on Her

Posted: 12/01/2010 in Blogging, Writing
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An entire curvature, for a change!
So many others are broken up into arcs
By the cunning construction

And also the panting
Of this face-down, prone body

Which is a world unto itself and therefore surely worthy,

when pausing from
        passionate activity
Of our closer examination,

lingering attention and leisurely ocular study
The particular curvature along which our eyes adventure
Begins with the slight indentation
At the nape of her neck, roams down below her collarbone
And between shoulder blades and rear of ribcage,

Arching down further then to the hollow of her waistline

–offering to travelers aboard this
        highly educational visual roller-coaster

A chance to pause amidst observations there,

and take a little breather.


–there it goes again, that same spine
Arching outwards and upwards this time,
only to form a deep dividing-line
On either side of which lie twin globes,

each of which when properly seen,

        presents yet another fascinating world unto itself
For study, observation and perhaps eventual exploration
As does the shadowy division lying between

–as the case may be…

So, let our eyes rest for a while, even if only temporarily,

      on that little stable plateau in the hollow
At the back of this woman’s waist
Before going on….


  1. j says:

    Simply beautiful

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