Posted: 11/17/2010 in Life
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Obviously, I have hinted at the direction my thought process is taking but have not blatantly spelled it out as I am about to do. First and foremost, I am taking a look at current, soon to be antiquated notions of success and asking myself what is truly important in this holographic expansion known as the game of life.
Clearly I am creating a polemic against mindless greed and gross over consumption. In addition, I am condemning the destruction of our ecosystem for personal power. The inquisitor emphasis within this culture has become a cancer which has eaten away at true objective and rational conjecture over what is proper for this planet and the human race. I am also stating that a real revolution against forces of gluttonous excess and greed cannot occur if the society and particularly the youth or future of this society are lethargic and complacent about activity and the maintenance of their very bodies. A revolution cannot occur if it is merely based on mindless overthrow without a new paradigm shifting the direction of our values. If we do not learn to use the body/mind technologies at our disposal, we cannot truly understand the relationship of our perceptual energy to the alchemy of phenomenal transformation. There can be no model of the universe which conveys an accurate picture of the way things really work without the inclusion of this body/mined complex into it. Whether or not an individual is financially damaged or opulent in no way determines that individuals worth relative to self-hood and the universe.

Money is meaningless if obesity is a possession. Falling prey to social madness or trends, whether consumer based or political is also of little value in the real scheme of things. If money, external material power, if weaponry and a massive army, if consumption or ownership of meaningless externals do not determine true success of the individual ready to enter the new evolutionary phase about to begin, what does? As I have stated all along, an individual will not be judged by superficiality, by societal possessions, but by real physical and mental health, by a real will to overcome the entropic forces of death and decay. If one cannot be judged by meaningless acts of consumerism or ownership, one can only be judged by the primary components comprising a totality of individual character. The most important aspect of this totality is ones drive to transcend temporal entropy. It is the most noble quest of humanity and the aim or focus of my investigation. It is the quest for immortality.

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