I Am

Posted: 10/08/2010 in Thoughts

I Am

I am an incredible, joyous, wondrous and beautiful creation.
An intriguing, fantastical, mystical, breathtaking and awesome fantasy.
An explosive, powerful, frightening, and intimidating creator.
An intelligent, creative, talented and brilliant person.
A bold, inquisitive, cheeky, infuriating child.
A wise, calculating, patient and slow seer.
A soft, sensual, enveloping and warm lover.
An ugly, lonely, abandoned and mistreated victim.
A cruel, uncaring, proud and selfish victor.
A shining bright white light.
A strong gust of wind, a star in the night sky, a night sky.
A leaf, a tree, a ground, an air.
A droplet of water, a wave, a river, an ocean.
A mirror, a house, a road, a car.
A thought, a feeling, a touch.
A vision, a dream, an illusion.
A word, a sentence, a paragraph, a novel.
An image, a film, a painting in oils.
A worm, an antelope, a dolphin, an eagle.
A hill, a valley, a mountain, a plain.
A earth, a sun, a Saturn, a milky way.
A song, a poem, a voice uplifted.
An eye, a nose, a mouth, an ear.
A hand, a foot, a body, a mind, a soul.
A me, a you, a them, an Us…

~Author Unknown~

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