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Posted: 10/07/2010 in Life

If people were real, life might be very scary. I think this because we are always afraid of the unknown and I am having a hard time with finding people who are genuine. That have absolute to their life and want something more than just the ordinary. Are not people bored with their lives? Don’t people want *more*?

I do. I am tired of the ordinary. The hum drum of the daily dose of “hi, how are you, let me tell you about my day”…tell me something interesting. Tell me something frightening. Make me do something. Challenge me. Give me something to be enthralled with.

I get bored easy. Sometimes too easy. I need the challenge. I need that mental stimulation. If you want boredom or the same ol same ol, I am not going to fit into your life the way we both need. If you don’t have it in you to give me more and make me give you more, again, we are not a good fit. This could be any type of relationship, not just a romantic one. This is why I pride myself on the quality of friendships that I have. I don’t have but just a handful of friends, and some acquaintances, and like to keep it that way and I find that more introduces drama. I hate drama. I will run as fast from it as it tried to squirm into my life. Drama sucks!

No, I am not better than anyone. I have flaws, I bleed, I feel pain, I dream, I love, and I am loved. What I am though is intuitive. I can see right through falsehoods and people just using me, or trying to use me. I can see when people are reliable, and I can see when they are just around me waiting for something better. How cruel some people are. Truly, I do not understand some people.

Some people demand respect, yet they lack the ability to show the same respect and just expect you to give and give and they give nothing. If and when I want something, I will go after it. I will make it known that I want it…But..If I don’t feel the same from the other party, my ‘trying” ceases as I am no one’s doormat and not here to be someone’s cheerleader when I am not getting some credit or some attention.

I just want someone to love me, to be real with me, to show me all of them, and let me show them all of me. It is not too difficult to ask, is it? I don’t mean to sound jaded…I am not. I just want what I want and here is my place to vent and get things off my chest…to get the monkey off my back for a lack of better term. 🙂

Love and plasma!

  1. Katie says:

    hmmm i’m thinking you write much better than you let on 🙂

    “I just want someone to love me, to be real with me, to show me all of them, and let me show them all of me.”

    it’s not too much to ask and you deserve such a person

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