Posted: 09/02/2010 in Life
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The only thing we can’t do anything in this world is TIME. Whatever we do, how we like to stop it, even if we kill all the clocks in this world, time is ticking; your time is ticking, and so is mine. For them time is gold, but for me, it isn’t, Its LIFE. If we used all our time, we lose our life, but if we lose all our gold, it doesn’t mean we lost our life.

For all these years, scientists have been searching for solutions to prolong life. But to no avail. What we have are the chemicals and substances that makes the opposite – reduces our life.

Time is life. Although we can’t do much about time, at least we can save them and by doing so, we prolong our life in a way. How?

Supposed we have to live 60 years. Every day we sleep 8 hours average but we only need 6, we kill time in the office 2 hours a day, and we’re idle for 2 more hours. Killed time is wasted, and wasted time is wasted life. If we could save 2 hours from sleeping, the wasted time and the idle time together and put it in a bottle, its 6 hours a day; 6 additional hours to your life. Doing the math, its 180 hours per month, about 91.25 days per year, or about 15 more years throughout your lifetime. This is just an illustration of the point; maybe some of us got more life being wasted, and more life to be saved. Just think about it.

Sad thing is we don’t save time in a bottle to spend it later. This will not extend your life further. We just spend our time wisely, by not doing useless things for nothing, by not over sleeping. We use this time to do good to others, to learn something, for ourselves and for others, wisdom and knowledge to be passed on generations to generation.

Work to live, but don’t live to work. Working all your life spends all your available time, and your life with it. It would give you gold, but you can’t use them to buy you more time in the end.

Spend your life wisely. It’s the best thing we had but we don’t always have.

  1. Jolie says:

    Sometimes it seems like I have spent my entire adult life to date trying to learn these lessons, and trying to balance time for my life around the edges.

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