The True Concept of a Relationship

Posted: 08/23/2010 in Life, Relationships
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We must reach through the ripples in our minds, touch the object of desires and change it to our will! It does not just exist as you picture it so choose your desires wisely.  

We must take a good look at this world in order to understand exact relationships which stare us in the face every day. We possess the means to feel the vibrations of other life forces in the same way we can instantly move into a creative mode like in music when the song is produced from synchronous mental and physical action. We possess the ability to magnetize the will of civilization with the right idea or picturing in the mind. When we combine this picturing with will and augment the dynamic tension of the mind and body, we increase our psycho-magnetic field and can bend the universe. 

We are always at odds with this collective consciousness. We wish to have a connection to the world but often lose our own visualization skill during the attempt to accomplish this. The key is to maintain the internal skills of seeing this world and projecting that vision into reality in order to bend reality 

Realize, it’s not just an issue of logic because one could imagine with pure logic alone something so powerful it alters reality. It is how low-level logic is used to keep us trapped in society by hypnotizing us into constantly seeing ourselves as weaklings who cannot truly change the status quo.

I am saying that if we strip away everything we think we know about the world, even the past determining the future, we may be able to truly with our inner imagination and visualization alter this world in a way we never would have imagined if we simply played by the rules. I think the key is using the power of all thought to its purest, highest level and be open to the fact that every concept we have been trained to robotically believe in, including the very laws of physics, may be nothing more than bad habits like sedimentary rock which becomes the reality until something new erupts and forces a whole different perspective into the world.

Just remember that we all have a very tight, wonderful concept in general, and understanding. Let’s say you have this moment when all of a sudden all these things that made no sense all instantly clicked in your head and your whole view of the world, the way you even see space and time, changed instantly. We have to believe we can do this or the mundane of routine existence would deaden everything and no evolution, physical or mental could occur.

  1. Jolie says:

    You know, I always wind up having to read these posts more than once… And I always wind up with something to think about from them.

    Thank you for that.

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