Finding the Perfect Butch/Femme

Posted: 08/20/2010 in Relationships
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Finding the Perfect Butch/Femme

Once upon a time, there lived a tribe of queer butches, that pulled out chairs, lit women’s cigarettes, and picked up the check for dinner and or coffee. It was a time of the Gentleman, when sane and stable went hand in hand.

I listen to some people who are single and the dating hell that is today and do not envy them one bit for it is a struggle out there and the pain of finding that one true person who will put up with you, adore you, care for you, unconditionally, wow, what a process.

I listen to distant conversations, not that I am nosy, but they are loud, and I hear women, “Where have all the good butches gone?” I sit and ponder this. Where have they gone? Are they in hiding when women suddenly become single? Does the Witness Relocation Program run a special for single butches wanting to hide? What can a lady do to draw one out? Is going door-to-door an option? I ponder this for them, for I am amazed as to how many people are out there in the world, femme’s cannot find a good butch.

What about the butches? How come they can’t find a good femme? You don’t hear many butches talk about this in every day conversation, and this could also refer to the fact that they are either, embarrassed, don’t care, or the one’s hiding.

The truth is, the proverbial “Good Butch or Good Femme” isn’t predictable. They are probably as buried in the routine of their everyday life as I am. They pay their bills, change their sheets, brush their teeth and say their prayers every night. In other words, they live a pretty normal existence sleeping, taking a walk, eating in a restaurant, and doing the laundry.

A funny thought occurred to me while thinking of this; the things that femme’s want in a bra are the same things that they want in a butch: support, comfort, and stability, long-lasting and eye-catching. Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

Could those pretty bra’s and boxers mingle happily ever after, in the delicate cycle of life? Is happiness just a rinse cycle away?

Finding a good butch or femme is elementary. Resistance is futile!

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