Prelude To A Kiss…

Posted: 08/14/2010 in Love, Relationships
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I look deep into your eyes and as a spark of electricity flies across the chasm separating our souls, our life forms, our monadic energy fields… The vibration resonates across the Universe, a Universe on the brink of entropic collapse, ready to watch the Grand Play of Fools unfold like a magic carpet across time … “But I, no, it was you in the room!  I saw you in a million, billion repeating lives, repeating dramatic sequences causing ripples in the fabric of the ether.”  And now, for the Cabaret of Insanity as Person X mutates into Person Y, the fallout occurs without the bomb blast – this is the human race’s last chance. 

The Demons subsisting on the edge of the fabric of Reality begin to seep into the picture perfect world of Mundanity, dropping like the black tears of oil wasted on the gluttonous hogs pigging up the world.  What most simpletons fail to realize, a phenomenon happening right before their hypnotized eyes, is that we have all been slightly altered by the demon rain dripping down our spines and giving us that secret zing up the back of the neck. 

There is a moment, a moment when Time turns in on itself as the Primary Characters act out their roles on the Universal Stage.  Now it’s the countdown: Ten, Nine, Eight …  The mania sweeps across the little people, like a black cloud of infectious hysteria disease. 

Time is ticking, more loudly than ever as the bubbles begin to rise to the top when the human race heats to a boiling point.  An explosion here, an implosion there.  And all the money grubbers dance the jig of death, having eaten too many workers until the little people begin to scream and erupt out of their Corporate Bellies.  Seven, Six, Five, Four …  Madness, screaming, crashing down of global conquest schemes, disaster, entropic breakdown served cold like sushi on a platter, reconstituting our very notions of physics and matter. 

Strike the match and watch the False Gods burn, leaving the dust of paper idols which kept the little people in check.  Strike the match as the energy, kept under check by the Big Haves having the world as a consumption machine intensifies.  Strike the match and watch the Waking Nightmare burn up into a Nowness of Action and instant attraction.  Is it the entire world or You and I alone in a room outside of Time? The sparks begin to fly as the Grand Deceiver is exposed for creating the Great Lie.  Three, Two, One …  The madness strikes the match of instantaneous sobriety, forcing a knowing eclipsing the chaos around us. – This is the point which separates the Mundane from those who choose to ascend beyond the Slave Camp charade. 

I look into your eyes and electricity begins to ignite the explosive energy which until this moment has been kept in check, airtight.  Sometimes the dynamic tension of two souls can strike the walls of the Universe hard enough to release the friction burning the dead wood out of the Play.  This all occurs as the Prelude To A Kiss, a Kiss that strikes the alarm, the alarm which wakes up the dreamers from the dream of Self and demands absolute mania as its rose garden of love and lust.  I look into your eyes and see the world bend.

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