Action Reaction

Posted: 08/11/2010 in Life, Thoughts
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We can only see as far as we can think. Real vision starts with our ability to picture and visualize this world.
Ultimately, how we visualize and how strong our will is determines the energy we possess to transform the world.

It is possible to bend the world, to alter reality, to take imagination and blend it with the pain of experience to form a bond beyond this language? 

To bypass the perception of a “problem”, the fastest fix is when we are most able to see ourselves through the eyes of our perceiver as we interact with them while at the same time noticing the universe showing the opportunities to accept what we have visualized already. How one chooses to react is the acceptance or denial of our desires. Reality is being created & recreated every second. In, through & out of form…
We cannot act unless we learn to picture ourselves and this universe first. Otherwise instead of an action, we have a reaction. When we react we are making the world more real than our own perception of ourself in it. The way to act and not react is to maintain absolute clarity when we choose to conceptualize this universe.

Precisely a blend of language that appeals to the soul. 

Stirring, and yet lacking the ego driving pompousness that often can fall in to these conversations. 
The passing of thoughts, words, symbolism, and ideals to drive… to stir… to render. 


Reach for that line. Cross the barriers. Let go and absorb. 
We need to possess to become… in order to experience.
Feel and be truth. 

The binds are usually self erected…
they are false… and “false” will forever be lacking.

  1. Jolie says:

    I struggle on the border between action and reaction almost daily. It’s difficult, as a human with human experiences, to let go of the past and to stop letting it dictate the present.

    All I can do is keep trying, keep working to act, keep holding on to my reactions.

    Thanks for making me think.

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