Posted: 08/08/2010 in Life, Love
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Everything happens for a reason. maybe you don’t see the reason right now, but when it is fully revealed, it will blow you away.

Reasons happen for everything. You are here because this is where you belong. Right here, Right now.

I recall hearing a story about a girl who was fired from a major holding company and she was so furious that security had to escort her out of the building. That next day, sitting in her living room, eating breakfast, she watched the news as the two planes crashed into the World Trade Twin Towers in NYC. She had worked in the second tower…

Life is simple, yet so complex. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is the future. Today is what you should be living. Live in the moment and be content with what is in front of you. We all want more and we want it now. Patience is possibly the hardest thing in our day-to-day lives. I know it is for me.

We all say it, “we are living for tomorrow.” What a stupid statement.

Now is the only time that makes sense to live. Yes, we can all plan for tomorrow, but both you and I know that plans change. Life can be one big interrupter to our plans. That’s when life sucks and is disappointing. But, who did that? You did. You made plans for tomorrow instead of living in the moment. I am thoroughly convinced that people who plan for the future are not happy with their lives. Young, old, rich, poor, we all do it.

We all meet people everyday, and some are subtle reminders and others make an impact that change us forever. What was the reason we met those individuals? We may not know exactly the reasoning at that very moment, but time tells everything. Stay focused and stay with it, and it will be revealed. Maybe a great friend is in store or the love of your life. Whatever it may be, live in it.

Everything does happen for a reason.


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