I am Jack’s Foreign Object

Posted: 08/05/2010 in Lee
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So, you want to know me?  There are so many words, yet there are no words. So how do I explain?  There are no words to explain an emotion, so I will open to you, my mind…that you may walk along the dreams and the memories, the darkness and the light. Then and only then, you might understand, the silence we share.

Do you ever wonder how–each finds the other? Just what attracts?….’like with like’ ‘opposites attract’. Isn’t it remarkable how two people can communicate effortlessly, how they know instinctively what is in each others mind? When the minds are meant to touch, they just touch…they feel each other no matter what reality lies between them.

There are few who hold my attention.

I know that sounds very arrogant of me. I should appreciate that others wish to give me their time. Sometimes I feel as though I am living a miserable existence.. Like a mountaineer assaulting a summit, I never reach the top, and I never know what strength and courage will be needed for the journey of my existence. I am always wondering what I may encounter along the way, and if it will push me over the edge to greet doom-therefore-I tend to feel the water with my toe only. I have an unreachable standard, and have accepted that my chances of finding the pinnacle of my life are slim to none. Even for one who is as old as me, who has learned to wait, it is a patient waiting.

I try to be as affable, pleasing, as I can be or will be allowed. I do not get upset easily, nor do I do anything for spite.. There is really no reason to get upset or angry, and I am always trying to make others happy and comfortable. I try to find the gold in others, but sometimes I have to close my eyes and pretend that everything is as it was. Sometimes, I feel alone yet surrounded by love. Maybe it is from being spawned from two different cultures. You know…having two worlds inside you.

Now that I have allowed you to put your lips to my mind, and you have let my words enter you. As my words caressed you, I hope that you have drank from me, my thoughts. There is so much more, but I will leave that for another time.

Thank you for reading from me.

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