Attention Span

Posted: 08/03/2010 in Life

So, as you can tell from the lack of posting for the past eight months, I have either been:

A. Busy
B. Lazy
C.  ____Insert your own wording here
D. All of the above

Ok, so before you begin to judge me, look at all the blogs you started and never finished or didn’t keep up with. Then fill in your word in C. I say this with every ounce sarcasm I can possibly muster up.

A lot has happened in my world. Things that I will tell you, things you will have to wonder about, and something you will never know unless you give me the reason to trust you. The latter…not most likely to win as I am Lee, the invisible character on the X-Files…the one who would whisper, Trust No One” after they did.

I have so much in my head that I want to share. My head is swarming, exploding of words and imagery that is all blurred together like an old tie dye shirt. I want to put on my vinyl of Grateful Dead and light up a bowl. Maybe then my fingers would type faster than they are now, and my head would make sense of the scramble going on in there.

So, for now, I write giving you my multiple choice excuses for not writing, and also giving you my solemn semi promise that I will continue on writing each and every day. Maybe even more, if you are lucky.

Spread the word and tell your friends…

Things are going to become interesting from here on out.

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