Silent Muse Sonnet

Posted: 12/27/2009 in Blogging
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I can identify with your poetry,
much more than just those long paragraphs,
this starts out so strong with this unrelenting will of the spirit to survive as you so brilliantly put it ,
to be reborn and come out from those black flames of torrential reign,
oh you have me convinced tonight and I am beginning to understand the connection of vibes through this virtual world here,
because today I did go through that torrential reign of my own inner demons and those that were cast upon me,
and they were tearing my soul to bits today,
with so much negative that I could barely stand it but this flame,
and this passion and heat does not want to go out,
and the hunger and lust for life will never give in and it will make me rise above everything that is clouding my spirit and my mind
and I will emerge from that frozen lake and come out mightier and more sensual than a thunderstorm at midnight

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