I want to be alone, but hands always reach for me.

I push them away but they keep coming back.

Closing my mind doesn’t make them leave, but it makes me realize…

Only those that want to be found, can be.

I lifted the fog of despair and allowed the winds of change to blow.

The air was clearer, and my mind unclogged by pollution of my thoughts.

No longer seeking the treasure of that who does not wish to be found.

Tonight I will lose my map and gain my soul.

© 2012 refractreality & © 2012 L.Tripaldi

This piece is a collaboration between refractreality and myself. Follow him on Twitter for more beautiful words. https://twitter.com/RefractReality


Every Drop

Posted: 07/25/2012 in Erotica, Writing

Her heated flesh, crimson in it’s surge of desire

Watching her mouth pucker lusciously

Flicking her tongue over the surface

Her senses alive

She looks up at the one offering to quench her thirst…

The impulse to take it all

Take in every inch

The last drop dangling…teasing her

Taking her to the very limit of endurance…

In the quenching of her thirst.

There is something about watching a woman suck an ice cube that can send me into a minor state of rapture…

© 2012 L.Tripaldi

World of Shadows

Posted: 03/04/2012 in Writing

World of shadows with the hands aimed to the temptations of the flesh

World of flesh to the voices of the shadows

Knowledge is born by the reflection of ancient wisdom of souls

A collaboration wish

Inspiration as a liturgy of bliss

Desire as a stimulation

Death of a symbol of life which I am wearing on the day of my release

The synchronize of shadows that wait until I arrive

Don’t delimit the border between flesh and blood

You will rot and tears will not be tamed

Inside my souls landscape

Where the music is quivering and shaking

My colorless eyes do not tangle.

© 2012 L.Tripaldi

Eye of the Hurricane

Posted: 02/01/2012 in Poetry, Writing
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Life has in no way passed me by –
I have always danced in the
Eye of the hurricane.
Caught in the pandemonium of that spiritual orbit
Nourished by the intensity
And the passion,
Doing it my way regardless of
The dictates of current methods.
Deep in the mysterious, ignites a fire
Bringing light –
I am family to blood, and I share its name
For I define my pleasures in expressions
Others see as pain.
Living life in the eye of the hurricane
Where no limits reign.
Few things pass one by one
And you learn that
To live life on the edge is to learn to fly.

© 2005 L. Tripaldi


Posted: 01/27/2012 in Writing
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Where have you gone my little bluebird?
A faint fluttering in the remote horizon
is the most inadequate serenity.
I endeavor to hear what I can no longer see.
I used to watch you watch me all-knowing.
You left this existence taking most of life’s
serenity and tranquility with you.
The spot you used to perch outside my window
is forever pale and desolate with your absence.
Memories of you are like uncertain hands erratically
grasping the caged bird.
My heart remains clutched with your absence.
I lament at the thought of your radiant feathers.
So vivid in colour it scorches the most obsequious eye.
I can only exist without your bewitching quaver.
So, I depart toward the basking sun in search of you
among the illuminating stars.
The light reflects upon the sheen of your pristine
feathers. You sparkle there just as you did here.
A polished stone within a pestering sea of
dreary quintessence.
This grievous taste is embedded in the back of
my throat. A constant reminder you are soaring
far away from this vapid world. Your sharp, rusty cage
remains uninhibited.
My hands unfold to catch a vagrant feather from
your glistening body. It spins and twirls as it tumbles
from the heavens. A meager token of your vivacity as
I anticipate your reappearance.
Until then, I abide to wait for you my bluebird.

© 2011 L. Tripaldi

I watch you as you sleep curled up by your side. I can’t help but be in awe of your beauty.
Then I am driven to please you: slowly I slide under the sheets.
All of this unknown to you, for you are still fast asleep.
Caressing and touching all of your body with my fingertips.

Slowly, I begin to lick your nipples feeling them swell in my mouth sucking in as much as I can.
As my tongue rolls up and down your breasts tempting that delicious hard knot tucked into my mouth.
I glide my tongue along your stomach kissing…nibbling….tracing my tongue upon the entire of your luscious body until I reach your exquisite fruit.

Tracing the outline, my tongue begins to lightly open your lips which need no effort at all.
Your wetness…the heat that I crave, hunger and thirst for, intoxicating my senses.
I begin to lick gently, licking in and out, up and down, fucking your pussy with my tongue continuously.
You stir, as to only spread your legs wider for me, you gently awake…

Like a dream you are having, you rock your hips to a rhythmic pulse, that sings with my tongue in unison.
I press my mouth…my face deeper into you, teasing you with my hungry tongue which is eager to please you, fulfill you, satisfy you completely.

While tasting you, you moan softly with each stroke, as I pleasure you.
I continue to lick, suck and tease your pussy gently vibrating my tongue on your clit, as you begin to climax, grinding your hips…fucking my mouth.

You open your eyes only to find me, my head laying between your legs.
I look up and smile as my tongue begins to work into you again, but this time you are fully awake.

© 2011 L. Tripaldi

In The Darkness

Posted: 09/25/2011 in Writing

We dance gracefully in the dark
Darkness caresses
Listening carefully to each other’s breath
Becoming keen to the rustling of our bodies, of our movements
In the darkness
Senses become more sensitive
We see things
Adjusting our eyes to its capability to vision
Ears become more equitable
Accepting tiny sound waves that the air transmits
Listening with the heart
Without the articulation of the tongue
Skin becomes alarmed by encounter
Becoming more aware
Our presence
Even without seeing
In the dark

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

In honor of those that have a problem with people not addressing me correctly, the following blog post is being written to make those of you that do not know, aware. Frankly, I do not give a care in the world as I am confident in who I am and more importantly, I am on Twitter for fun. Nothing less.

To those of you that don’t know or understand, yes I am a woman. if you read my profile “queer butch” should explain it fully but I am under the assumption that because I speak of ‘my wife” some of you do the same in assuming, I am male.

I am not offended or feel disrespected when some of you refer me as ‘he/him’ so please do not apologize.

Let bygones be bygone.

To end this…I eat more pussy than most of you males ever will or do and am very, very, very good at it.  *wink*

I love you all xoxo

Music to my Ears

Posted: 09/07/2011 in Erotica
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I like what you like

I want what you want

I live what you are dreaming…

Note to Self

Posted: 08/05/2011 in Writing

We are each required…

Sedate my mind
Words put into actions.
Tears coincide the inks we spilled at night.
Laughter we suppress on spring-filled mornings.
Memories that I can never own but that are mine.

To inhale
And then
To exhale

I breathe you in
And time stood still

Release me from shackles of repetitiveness

In precise reciprocity
We are nothing but souls that belong.

A Picture Paints

Posted: 07/23/2011 in Writing

The secret of life swirls gently in the cool softly scented mountain breeze
enveloped in timeless beauty
surrounded by magnificent textures
touched by the colors so vividly painted on the horizon
with soft hands and the stroke of your brush

I risk everything
to know the origin
of the beginning
swirling with wonder
Fixated on distant horizons
My mind slips and falters
Lost in my thoughts

Let these seconds pass slowly
Allow myself tense with anticipation
To become a silent witness invoking you……

Come and wash through me
Breathe life into me once again
Close my mind like a box
And allow me to remain here with you
Safe in the world that we are

Let me hear once again
The agonizingly slow intakes of breath
And tumultuous screams of release
Come and wrap them around me
Unwilling to divert my attention

After the storm
there is calm
Satiate my longing to be enveloped in strength and virility
With the old world charm
My soul reacts to a subtle gesture
love wafts gently into the ether
the essence of our beings…

Copyright © L. Tripaldi 2011 All Rights Reserved

She Laid Down

Posted: 07/08/2011 in Love, Poetry
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She laid down
the waves came up high
crabs dance across the sand

She laid down
cones fell to the floor|
salamanders slide under logs

She laid down
a foot of snow fell on the hills
the hares coat changed to match

She laid down
the sun set for hours
the coyotes sang all night

She laid down
traffic grid  locked  in every direction
the lights came up on Broadway

She laid down
the plane leveled out at thirty thousand feet
three hours to Paris

She laid down
the world at her feet

I Want to Know You

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Erotica, Love
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I want to know you from the texture of your hair to the tender spots on the bottoms of your feet and everywhere in between.  To touch your mind, to know the way you process, to know the quirks that make up who you are, to hear the inflections in your voice, to know the curve of your smile and the shade of your eyes for each emotion. 
I want to study you and see the depth of your convictions and the warmth of your soul.  I want to know the full spectrum of your emotions. 

There’s so much I want to know about you.

I want to see and hear the excitement of the child in you along with the gravity and knowledge that comes with being an adult who has lived and seen: loved and hurt.  I want to see that same child feisty, bratty and stubborn but needing so badly to curl up in someones arms and hide at times. The adult, confident, cocky and knowledgeable with an inner strength that shines and needs someone to take refuge in your arms.  I want to see the soft, patient lover gently guiding me to new areas working right beside the raw, passionate one that wants to ravish and take what I want…what is mine. 

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know the smell of your shampoo as it lingers in your hair. The unique fragrance that can only come from your skin and the musky smell of your arousal for me.  I want to taste the sweetness of your lips, your kisses and the salt of your skin. I want to see your eyes dilate from passion as my mouth finds all the tender areas that allows me to hear and feel the intensity of your responses, from the swift intake of breath, to the thundering of your pulse, to the goose bumps that appear at my touch to the wonderful sounds of your release.

There is so much I want to know about you.

I want to know all the multitude of things that combine together in a unique way to make you the person you are… intelligent, funny, caring, gentle, sexy and completely intense.

I want to know you…

The Name of Silence

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Thoughts, Writing
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The name of silence is enflamed
Eyes are white smooth mirrors
Thoughts turned into warped images
Arms are bridges of truth
With black blood running within
Words are infinite steps
Hanging on a floating void
Suspended by the chains
The flattery of the oblivion.

Nothing is what it Seems

Posted: 06/26/2011 in Life

Yes, I am cruel…

Come Together

Posted: 06/18/2011 in Love
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My thoughts transcend to the ordinary
As Northern Lights radiate in the earth.
Her love allows the breaking free of shackles of time and space
The soft essence floats freely
Liquid silk, searching for its like.

She does not wish to simply appease her soul…

Melodious dance of music, the heart wafts gently
Penetrating crevices so long ago left void.
Whispering thoughts that travel to ritual and small graces…
She set’s me free.

Life in Translation

Posted: 06/04/2011 in Writing
Nothing is like before if you are lost in thought…
Lost in translation
In lieu of delight there is now aloof, do not allow anything to destroy your delicate soul
For under the layers of paint so carefully applied to mask insecurity
There is beauty like no other, and a kindness that surpasses most
Each moment spent evolving brings new purpose and promise
The mantra: stay open
A brittle heart wounded from the past must learn to heal
For when flowing it has a depth and capacity that is endless assume the best, forgive the worst
Divine differences waft before the eyes and will kindle the spirit once again
Stasis does not last forever…
Darkness and light
Hard and soft
Gentle and rough
Yin and Yang
What do you reason?
Writing here in this blog, I don’t ever feel that time here is wasted even though my life has taken on many new dimensions and paths since this past March. I feel that this is like ice cream with a piece of cake. Somethings should be kept as a treat, enjoyed more, causes less stress and guilt when done only in moderation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to live your life.

My challenge for all of you is this:
Sacrifice some of your online life for the real world. Do anything other than sit in a chair staring at a screen. Start a project you have been thinking of, read a book, watch a movie, go to a show or museum. Create something real and tangible that you can hold in your hands, something that is a part of your life that you won’t lose if your computer should crash tomorrow. Anything at all that you can achieve in the time that you normally spend online and tell me about it. I think you will be amazed at all you can do. Nothing we do is wasted time, sharing with others is one of the most human things we can do, but without growth, what do we really have to contribute. Go out, do something and come back and share it with me….

 1.  I started being active on Deviant Art. I have won two contests and sold two prints and have made a great many new friends. 

2.  I have taken over 500 pictures with my new Canon camera. 

3.  I have watched about 30 movies on Netflix, too. I forgot how much I really enjoy taking a shower after a long day, lighting candles, pouring a glass of wine and losing myself to a really great movie with my wife. 

4.  I have repainted our home and did some landscaping. 

5.  I have read three books and wrote/published two new poems.

 I can’t wait to see what you can come up with!


Posted: 06/02/2011 in Life, Love, Thoughts

Little girl

white frock,

touches Death:

a morbid

old man,

ever so


with the

wondering sparkling

wand of



Deep within the spellbound haunting of the night
As the deviating moon turns a pale blue
My appetite surfaces from the crystal waters
I find myself in the depth of her mind
Where I find peace and absolve
My elaborate capture of a dark world
It reaps my worthless somber
As I begin my journey into the night
I am ready to experience this powerful rapture
Mischievously she tries to elude the warrant
I strike a chord within her obedience
Instantaneously she responds to my every need
How I love this equation of her and I
As I drown in the pleasure of what is her
The plead that escapes her lips as
Electrical moments of my kiss
Glorious sensation that come within
Ride on waves of passion fleeting
Moments of undulated ecstasy
Stolen moments of passionate bliss.